Aspen Composite Decking

Classic grey decking, from the day of install

The Classic You Can Enjoy Straight Away

Whilst some timbers can age to provide a classic grey, you may not want to wait a couple of years to get your preferred grey decking colour. This is one of the reasons Aspen provides an attractive choice for grey decking, for many homeowners.

The rich greyish to olive brown tones and realistic wood grain, provide you with a low maintenance, colour fast option, that never needs oiling or coating. Featuring a medium to fine texture, this capped, solid core composite provides you with the ideal low maintenance solution to achieve this a classic grey timber deck.

aspen composite

Better quality for guaranteed value

Using the best in composite manufacturing technology, Aspen composite decking is produced in the USA, used a capped, solid-core process. This provides a hard casing that provides an extremely durable, non-slip surface, that carries a 25 year guarantee against fading, staining and scratching.

Best of all, cleaning can be simply achieved with warm soapy water, without the need to ever oil or coat your decking. The non-slip surface also makes Aspen ideal for locations near water, adding to the versatility of where you can install Aspen.

Aspen Specifications

Board size: 127mm x 20mm, 3.66m lengths

Joist Centres: 350mm

Warranty: 25 year warranty against fade, scratch & stain

Finish: non-slip, capped finish

Grain: Fine to medium, varying

Colour: Classic grey with light inflections of olive brown

A quality decking surface

Adding to the quality of Aspen's appearance, is the hidden fastening system used to eliminate the need for surface fixings. This means that the decking surface is totally free of any nails or screws, doing away with many of the issues that these can cause.

Further protecting the decking surface, is the guaranteed capping, with distinguishes Aspen from cheaper, older technology alternatives. This casing is similar to outer coating of a golf ball, and enables Aspen to carry a market leading warranty for your peace of mind.

Aspen composite decking is guaranteed for 25 years against splintering, fading, checking, rot, staining, delamination and fungal decay. Further peace of mind can also be drawn from the green tick manufacturing processes used, with a keen focus on sustainability, ensuring that the decking that gives you a better home environment, also looks after the environment we all share.

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