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Deck-Max Decking Clamps

DM4004 - 450mm Decking Clamp

The 450mm decking clamp holds the decking board down to the joist while the DM 4006 clamp pulls the boards together to your selected gap setting.

Simply hook the end of the DM 450 to the underside of the joist and then set over board being fixed and set clamp firm to surface.
Once in position simply squeeze the quick set grip until in position.

Deck-Max has taken a 70mm bend/woof out of a 140mm x 25mm board using this decking clamp.

decking clamp

Deck-Max has taken a 70mm bend/woof out of a 140mm x 25mm board using this clamp

The only Decking clamp of its kind

Suits decking from 18mm thick up to 25mm thick
Patent protected - Only Available from Deck-Max™

No more chisel into the joist to straighten a board

No foot into board to straighten a bend

Both Hands are free to install the fixing rather than one hand holding the chisel and the other trying to locate hole and screw.

DM4006 - 600mm Decking Clamp

Strongest floor clamp in this class180 kg / 1.8k/n clamping pressure

The 600mm clamp will engage the 3mm steel plate into the gap between the boards and then grab with the special cup shaped trigger end onto the full front face of the board to be fixed.

This provides a maximum reach of 600mm.

Simple set and squeeze the grip and it will pull the decking boards together. When in place you may need to tap the board to engage into the biscuit. Hit a block of wood to avoid bruising or damaging the face / edge of the board.

Replaceable parts USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH Part # [DM 4004] Decking clamp

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