Ipe composite decking

South American inspired colour

Ipe Composite

From the inspiration of the hardwood of its South American namesake, Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a popular composite, renowned for its rich tones.

With contrasting coloured stripes, ranging from olive to dark blackish brown, Ipe conveys a tropically inspired charm. Although the name and inspiration is based on the South American hardwood, once installed, the colouring is very comparable to the Australian spotted gum.

Providing your outdoor space with a rich backdrop, Ipe is a popular choice for richly toned decking without the need for coatings or oil.

A sustainable source for Ipe coloured decking

Due to increasing demand, ethical sources for Ipe timber have progressively become rarer. Ipe composite however, provides a sustainable solution to enjoying Ipe's renowned classical colouring. As this composite requires no coating at any stage, the colour preservation is assured for years to come, without the need for ongoing maintenance.

In fact, maintaining your Ipe Composite decking is as simple as cleaning with warm soapy water as required, giving you more time to spend enjoying your high quality decking.

Ipe Specifications

Board size: 138mm x 23mm, 3.66m lengths

Joist Centres: 350mm

Warranty: 25 year warranty against fade, scratch & stain

Finish: non-slip

Grain: Varied for a natural looking finish

Colour: Yellow olive brown to dark blackish brown, with character rich streaking of blacks and browns

In terms of local equivalents, Ipe has very similar colouring to Australian Spotted Gum.

Easy to enjoy composite decking

This colouring is popular for installation near pools, as the combination of tropical colourings and the advantage of a decking surface that is resilient to mould, is particularly advantageous.

In addition to the character and colouring, the non-slip surface provides additional safety advantages, particularly when the surface is wet.

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