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Are you considering composite decking for your project?
For ultra low maintenance and a stunning finish, a quality composite deck will provide the perfect outdoor living space for your Brisbane home. Guaranteed to last for 25 years and combined with a hidden fastening system, for Brisbane composite decking, Deck-Max’s range of solid core, capped composites are the leading choice.

Part of the attraction of quality composite decking, is in its remarkably low maintenance. You can simply clean your decking with soapy water, no oiling or coating required…. ever!

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About Deck-Max

The ideal deck for your Brisbane home is about more than just decking boards, it’s about creating your ideal space for your outdoor lifestyle.

Deck-Max is committed to helping you achieve this.

Created out of extensive experience in the building industry, Deck-Max was created to ensure you have the support and supplies you need to create the best possible deck for your requirements and budget. This has given us access to some of the best available composites, timbers and fixings available, all backed with the expertise to ensure a great experience.

Having innovated some of the market’s leading fastening solutions, Deck-Max continues to work with homeowners and builders to provide the best available decking.

Why use Deck-Max for your decking?

Nail free safety

Through our hidden fastening solutions, your decking surface is free of any nails or screws. This makes your deck safer for bare feet, and can even improve installation times… more

Less Timber Waste

During the construction of most decks, 10% timber waste is common. See how this can be reduced by 80%, along with significant improvements to the labour costs of installation… more

Getting The Best Value Decking

How do you get the best value in your timber decking? Is it the quality of timber, the fastening strength, ease of installation, or having expert assistance to maximise your budget? With Deck-Max, you get all of this and.... more

Lasting Beauty and Easy Maintenance

Capped Composite Decking offers lasting beauty genuine value and virtually no maintenance.

Pattern Variety

Features a different natural pattern on the top and bottom of each of our double-sided capped composite boards, reducing waste and creating more interest and variety on the surface.

Environment Friendly

This composite Decking is made from recycled materials. Our product is free of harmful chemicals and produced using sustainable processes.

Warranty & Experience

We are able to offer the industry’s first 25-year stain and fade warranty, so you can buy with confidence today!

What Our Customers Say…

"We were very impressed with the colours, the warranty, the materials, the railings, the lighting..."

Tired of their old wooden deck with its mildew and nail holes, "we wanted something that would be nice to look at, something beautiful," Gary and Katie recall. At their contractor's recommendation, they went online to investigate Fiberon. "The do-it-yourself design tool was very helpful; it gave us a good start ... we were very impressed with the colours, the warranty, the materials, the lighting ..."

Now, with an amazing, expansive deck, it's time for a party!

Katie & Gary Lejano


Paul Huston and his family loved hanging out at home, enjoying the spectacular view from their deck. What they didn't love was the wooden deck itself. Maintenance was difficult and soon – too soon, says Paul – splinters and other issues cropped up. That's when they made the switch to a Fiberon composite deck.

In addition to providing a smooth, splinter-free surface, their new FIberon deck has more style to it, says Paul. "The railing has a lot more character than what you'd see on a lot of wooden decks . . . it really complements the backyard . . . we're thrilled with it."

Today Paul has a gorgeous space that maximises the beauty of his natural surroundings and gives him plenty of free time to enjoy them. That's a win any way you look at it.

Paul Huston

"The deck looks like something crafted ... it adds value to the house."

When Bill decided to add a deck to his home, he chose Fiberon for two reasons: the company's excellent reputation and the exotic hardwood look of the boards. The Fiberon boards, says Bill, "look perfect, like wood ... you see a contrast … there's grain to it."

Bill found his contractor through Fiberon as well, using the online "Find a Deck Builder" tool. "I was truly pleased with the designs this particular contractor came up with," he says. "The deck looks like something crafted versus something that is pieced together. It adds value to the house."

The new outdoor space adds something else: more free time for Bill to do what he loves. Now, instead of spending time painting or staining a wood deck, this avid musician has more time to play his banjo – from the comfort of a gorgeous, low-maintenance, perfectly-crafted Fiberon deck.

Bill Wilson

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