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Merbau decking

Being the most popular choice for decking in Australia, Merbau decking is also referred to as Kwilla. Merbau is grown locally in North Queensland, and also in New Guinea and Indonesia.

Deck-Max only supplies merbau decking sourced from Government regulated supply chains, providing a certified proof of origin for all merbau supplies. Our relationship with the best suppliers of Merbau, ensure you have access to a steady supply of the highest quality Merbau timber when dealing with Deck-Max

The colouring of Merbau, is reddish brown, with golden spots characterising the highest grades. Your final colour however, will be influenced by your the coating you choose to apply.


Preparation of Merbau

In addition to sourcing Merbau from the best supplier, careful attention is also applied in preparing all hardwood decking supplied by Deck-Max. This ensures that you will achieve the best Merbau decking for resin stability, board straightness and the lifespan of your deck or screen.

Kiln dried Merbau

For the best Merbau decking, the core moisture of your decking timber has to be between 15-18%

Taking the time to prepare your timber over many weeks, kiln drying is alternated with air drying, to achieve highly stable Merbau with the optimal core moisture levels.

Board size consistency

Maximum straightness for your timber is achieved by cutting your timber into straight boards, before final sizing cuts are made.

Cutting as shorter boards (no more than 3.6m), allows for process that can maintain tolerances within 0.2mm, giving you the dual advantage of very accurate sizing and allowing increased transport options for the delivery of your Merbau decking timber.


Verified Origin Certification

As all Merbau supplied by Deck-Max carries certified proof of origin from regulated sources, you have the peace of mind that you're receiving the highest quality decking material.

Your timber is harvested in strict adherence to a range of quality controls, guidelines and sustainability considerations, ensuring that you not only protect your investment, but also the sustainability of the timber industry and the environment.



Size: 110mm or 135mm wide x 19mm high. Lengths 2.4m / 2.7m /3m

Fixings: Pre-grooved for Deck-Max “Pro” biscuit and End Match.

Tolerance: +/- 0.2mm

Grain: Light, consistent grain

Colour: Red, brown, some honey

Durability: high

Hardness: Janka rating 9.0

Strength: Load tested and performance guaranteed

merbau timber decking

Applications for Merbau:

Suited for: Australia wide, including fire rated zones

Stability: Very stable, minimal expansion or contraction. More like to shrink slightly than expand.

Care of your Merbau decking timber

Moisture is the primary cause of hardwood damage. Decking is delivered with plastic covering to minimise surface marks from moisture. Store stacked and covered until laying, then clean all marks after laying (resin bleed, dirt, etc), then coat immediately with recommended penetrating oil

After laying and before coating, it is recommended that you either:
  • Clean down with Deck-Max Pro Clean to remove marks and dirt.
  • Or, run a polyvac (lightly sands the surface) before vacuuming and oiling as soon as possible

To find out more or get a quote on merbau for your decking project, simply enquire in the form below.

Merbau decking timber

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