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Secret Fixings

Timber offers you the most beautiful feel to match your lifestyle and the warm ambience for you to enjoy.

Deck-Max hardwoods offer you a cross section of colours, species and decking sizes.

Bring the outside into your home by selecting one of our Select Grade timbers with a secret fixing system that is number one in the world.

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Decking Choices

acorn decking composite

Silver Grey

The most popular contemporary look in homes today.

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ipe decking composite


The mid tone browns with a flash of extra dark colours.

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rosewood decking composite


The perfect tones for that unique feel and colour.

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aspen decking composite


Warm dark tones for that special feature area – truly stunning colour to make a statement.

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Matches with all the blonde timbers like tallowwood and Blackbutt.

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Iron Bark

one of Australias finest timber

  • Design Tip is to create picture frame detail
  • Using the secret fixing your deck will be spectacular
  • Using the natural colour tones of Iron Bark along with its durability – this is premium decking at its best.
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iron bark featured image
spotted gum featured image

Spotted Gum

one of Australias finest

  • Colour tones only nature can create
  • Variety of colours from light brown to chocolate and streaky in the veins
  • Select Grade materials for your project.
  • Always ensure good air flow under the decking area and often set with a 5mm gap.
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one of australias favourite timbers

  • Referenced by merbau /merboo / kwilla – it is by far the most popular timber selected in Australia.
  • Deck-Max manufacture in 2 x widths – 110mm & 135mm both are the most beautiful timber for our outdoor lifestyle.
  • Merbau has a very straight grain and allows the board to be milled in a wider dimension (110mm & 135mm) This board/timber will retain great stability.
  • It is all in the drying of hardwoods that we can achieve stability and quality.
  • Natural colour in the oil coating is recommended to retain the beautiful colours and grain of this timber.
merbau featured image
forest light featured image

Forest Light

one of Australias finest timbers

  • More often referred as Blonde timber for its light to pale straw colours.
  • Ideal for the soft feel and light tones.
  • The final oil you choose will determine the finished colour.
  • Ask Deck-Max for suggestions in coatings and design.
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Best Practice Tips

IMG 1181 preview preview

  • When choosing the area for the decking always consider the clearance off the natural
    ground to the deckin
  • This ensures that air flow and moisture are controlled
  • Be sure you have achieved good drainage from under the deck area
  • Ask Deck-Max for further detailed information during your planning.
  • Consider the gap settings between the boards – Deck-Max offer 2 x settings 3mm and 5mm.
    • 3mm is the building code minimum allowing for expansion and contraction.
    • 5mm is selected for fire areas and decks close to ground.
  • The wide Aussie Hardwood in the wide board say 140mm is not stable and we do not recommend this dimension for decking – warping and twisting may occur. 90mm is stable by dimension.
  • Deck-Max is the only company in the world that provides to you End Matched decking – ask
    for more information….

    • All Deck-Max timber is grooved both sides and grooved both ends
    • You do not have to cut and join on a joist with this end match decking
  • Fast Fixing up to 30% faster to install
  • End Match decking is up to 60% less waste
  • Hardwood Verses Composite?
    • This is the hottest topic in the industry today, Deck-Max is the only company that will
      provide technical, and design advise on both along with product for your project in both
      materials to assist in your decision.
    • We offer Zhu composite (Double Capped) and Fibreon (Double Capped) in a variety of
      colours and textures.
  • Coatings for hardwood
    • This is a hot topic as well and after many years of understanding that the market has
      many choices and opinions.
    • We here at Deck-Max will always revert to best practice for coatings and cleaning of the
      natural hardwood.
    • Please ask us for the best practice and longevity.

Composite decking was introduced to the Deck-Max product range many years ago understanding the market needs and we are now the only company specialising in both hardwood and composite.

What to ask Deck-Max before you start….


  • Warm dark tones for that special feature area – truly stunning colour to make a statement.
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mahogany featured image
ipe featured image

Ipe (eepay)

  • A colour from the South American hardwoods so famous in it’s look.
  • Ipe is the mid tone browns with a flash of extra dark colours now embraced here in Australia as a real favourite.
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The world has demanded Teak over the centuries for its durability and colour of timber

  • Teak will provide the soft warm tones for your outdoor lifestyle. Matches to your lighter colours for internal floors and Fresh colours of your outdoor area.
  • Matches with all the blonde timbers like tallowwood and Blackbutt.
teak featured image
charcoal featured image


the perfect tones for that unique feel and colour

  • The stunning colour of the orient, black bamboo and the rich green of landscaped gardens match perfectly with this Charcoal Decking.
  • Perfect for the undercover boutique zone of your private home.
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Silver Grey

The most popular contemporary look in homes today

  • Silver grey is the contemporary look for those who are after that colour tone that works with many colours. Can be used with Older Homes and the very modern.
silver featured image

Secret Fixing

Composite decking offers the home owner the use of this material with the real feel of natural timber. This material will vary in tones just like natural timber. One board can be different to the next board but maintaining the base line tones.

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