Is Bamboo sustainable as a decking product?

1 November 2019
Is Bamboo sustainable as a decking product?

Choosing your decking material is an incredibly important decision. It has to be strong, it has to be durable, it has to be attractive and if it can be sustainable, that's even better.

There’s no doubt that hardwood pops into your mind when consider decking, and everyone can appreciate the beautiful finish it produces. But what if we told you that there’s a plant that is stronger than steel, stronger than concrete, harder than nearly all wood and sustainable to produce?

What could it be?


Bamboo is the perfect renewable resource for building your deck.

So to answer your question, Is Bamboo sustainable as a decking product? YES.

Bamboo as a building material

Is Bamboo sustainable as a decking product?

Bamboo is a popular building material all over Asia, Central and South America and throughout the Pacific Islands, where it grows in abundance. It is used in these countries as a foundation for concrete, as a building material for suspension bridges, for housing and also for scaffolding. These countries have been using bamboo since ancient times for construction.

In recent times, as bamboo is becoming increasingly recognised as a natural and renewable resource, it is becoming the go-to building material around the world.

Fun fact: Bamboo flexibility makes it the ideal option for housing in earthquake-prone areas.

Is bamboo sustainable?

Is Bamboo sustainable as a decking product?

Yes, bamboo is sustainable.

If planted correctly and maintained ethically, bamboo can significantly contribute to restoring depleted lands all while providing sustainable fabrics and building materials globally.

Bamboo is known for its fast-regenerative growth, growing 3 times faster than most tree species. This means it can be harvested every 4-7 years, depending on maturity levels. A huge contrast to hard/softwoods, which can only be harvested after 50 years or more.

Fun fact: bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

Bamboo for your deck

Is Bamboo sustainable as a decking product?

As bamboo is an eco-friendly decking material - it is a great choice for your deck.

Once treated, it is durable, fire retardant, and no longer susceptible to fungi and insects. Bamboo is naturally water-resistant, so unlike wood, it does not have the tendency to warp due to heat and dampness. It’s perfect for Australia’s quick-changing weather patterns.

Bamboo is extremely light-weight, especially compared to its hardwood counterparts, making it ideal for DIY installation.

We source quality bamboo decking materials

Bamboo’s success as a decking product is heavily reliant on the process in which it is crafted and the ethics of when it is harvested. Harvesting too early drastically affects its strength in the long run. To combat this, Deck-Max only works with reputable and qualified suppliers like dassoXTR.

To find out more about our process of sourcing timber and bamboo, read this article on illegal wood.

Bamboo materials

DassoXTR fused bamboo is the best bamboo product on the market- available here through Deck Max.

The patented bamboo material combines two heating methods. First, a high heat to carbonise the bamboo which removes the starch and sugar. It is then restructured, reinforcing the bamboo’s natural strength characteristics. The now modified bamboo strands are then fused together.

The result?

An extremely dense, durable exterior building material that has a flawless appearance compared to wood. The fused bamboo method also creates greater resistance to shrinkage. Finally, because of the crafting process, maintenance is optional. However, to protect the bamboo from UV rays, and to achieve one's optimal finish click here for Dasso’s recommended sealing procedures.


Is Bamboo sustainable as a decking product?


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