DM 4437 brown screws (Class 3 | # 2 sq. drive| Type 17 | 50mm) - Pack of 350


Perfect to colour match decking boards of Composite or Hardwood, Use the Countersink tool to prepare a perfect “V” cut in the surface.

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DM 4437 Class 3 type 17 C/S # 2 square drive Brown screws

  • Class 3 / Type 17 self drilling tip – wood screw
  • # 2 Square drive
  • 50mm x 8 gauge Counter sunk
  • Pack of 350

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Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 10 cm

Using the Countersink tool you will cut a “V” cut into the surface of the board – insert softhly so you do not bush up the surround of the hole – best is to score the surface then finish to full V cut.

Sand the surface prior to fixing the screw.

Be sure to carefully bed the head into the “V” cut so you get the screw haed flush to the surface,

DO NOT use a rattle gun / impact driver as it is too hard to bed the screw head down neatly.

Best practice is to hand finish for perfect results.

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