Peter James. Decking Clamp Case Study

Customer Type:

Decking Material: ZHU Composite by Deck-Max

Color: Silver Grey

Biscuit Type: Standard Pro”3 mm

Screw Type: Class 3 wood screw – Painted black head.

Accessories Used: NA.

Job Size: 17 square metres

Location: St Ives, Sydney NSW

Message from customer

Hi –

I’m the guy you need for testimonials!

I’ve been laying 40mm thick Cypress boards of varying widths from 100 – 250mm wide at my farm in Apollo Bay.

It would be IMPOSSIBLE without your clamps. Every board has a mind of its own. Every board needs a squeeze here, a squeeze there, to wrestle it down.

40mm thick by 250 wide boards need real clamping power, and that’s what I’ve got with your product. I’m impressed.

It’s slow work, but I’m getting there. See attached pics.