Peter Phelan Case Study

Customer Type:

Decking Material: Merbau 135mm by Deck-Max

Color: NA

Biscuit Type: Standard Pro”5 mm

Screw Type: Class 3 wood Screw – Painted black head.

Accessories Used: NA

Job Size: 19.2 square metres

Location: Railway Terrace, Adelaide

Message from customer

Hi Di,

The upstairs deck is finished and stained and looks great. Spigots are in for the frameless glass balustrade that was supposed to go in today, however, the manufacturer is late and it won’t be done now until Monday. I could say a few choice words about manufacturers and contractors I can tell you……..

Downstairs is almost finished – another couple of days as there has been a heap of work to be done under the old boards. Starting to look pretty good as well. Our chippie is a perfectionist (thank god) and has done a fantastic job.

You will have to wait until next week for the finished photos and there is only praise for the product so the testimonial will be very positive. I will pass you on my chippies contact details as he would love to install more of the product and he works to an exacting standard. If the installer was in a hurry and chasing money/time he would compromise the job/product and as the cost point is a little on the high side it may give the product a poor reputation if the right person isn’t available. I’m glad we waited until he was available.

I am also impressed with the ongoing interest from Deck Max, the follow up is impressive and there are a lot of other businesses that could learn a lot from how you guys go about things. Peter should be very proud of his people.

All the best for the Christmas break – I intend to spend it sitting on my new deck with a few frosty companions.