DEck Max
Deck-Max has all the tools for the installation of decking and is offered to you in a Start Up Kits that will include a package of all the items designed and made by Deck-Max.

Trade Tips

Our chippies are laying with three men 30 to 40sq. m. a day. Allow a few jobs before you will get up to speed – like any new way it takes a little adjustment.

  • The End Match decking is even faster as you simply lay and fix you DO NOT have to cut and join on a joist.

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Current feedback when using the end matched decking is between 2% & 3%. And 10% for standard non end matched.

  • This is all about how accurate were the quantities to start with.
  • The actual shape of the deck.
  • Decisions made on site by the chippie as to cutting.

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  • No change
  • When you wish to lay up a framing board as usual you will fit a double joist for the join.
  • When laying the Composite it is recommended that you set up stringer boards to join rather than butt joints – (ask us for photo
  • End Match timber allows you to simply lay the board – do not have to measure and cut.
  •  Do not need to join on Joist
  • Timber will be random length but just keep inserting the Deck-Max EM joiner and the only cut is when the deck runs to the end point.
  • Lay one board at a time
  • Be sure to apply clamp pressure and tap all boards just prior to fixing off the clip and screw.
    • Especially on butt joints
    • Tap from the end to get tight joints.
  • The first board is the straight edge for all the rest, spend time in laying this first board nice and straight to a string line.
  • Each board is then pulled tight to the board and will not feather out due to the high spec on timber machining.
    • However you can deliberately feather as required.
  • How you start & how you finish
    • Simply cut the CounterBore hole with our CounterBore tool – insert screw – tap in plug – Cut flush and sand to finish.
    • This is how you start and also finish.
  • Mitred Corners
    • Insert the Deck-Max joiner biscuit (DM J10) – extremely strong and looks fantastic.

Choose Deck-Max Decking Material

Timber choice –Deck-Max End Match decking is available in the Merbau 110 x 19 and Bamboo 140 x 30; are all pre grooved sides and both ends for the “Pro” biscuit.

  • Merbau . 19 mm
  • Spotted Gum (Qld.) . 21 mm
  • Black Butt (Qld.) . 21 mm
  • Composite . 23 mm
  • Bamboo . 30 mm
  • Black Butt (Qld.) . 21 mm

Choose Deck-Max fittings and Screw type

  • Stainless Steel for fixing into timber joists
  • Self Drilling metal screw for Steel Joists
Merbau timber decking

Accessories and Tools we recommend – SAMPLE order

Remember items like Decking clamps are a one only buy and the other items are only as required for future jobs.

We recommend the following – say your deck is [4m x 6m approx] 25m2:

  • 1 off – Extra End Match Biscuits
  • 1 off Twin pack of 100mm scuqre drive # 2 bits
  • 1 off CounterBore Tool
  • 1 off Wood Plug Kit
  • 1 off Extra Drill bits pack for CounterBore tool
  • 2 off Decking Clamps – 450 mm – depends on how many are working on the job, as each person say 2 could share 3 clamps to make the job easy.
  • 2 off Decking Clamps – 600 mm depends on how many are working on the job, as each person say 2 could share 3 clamps to make the job easy.

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