Why Do You Need Deck Clamps (And How Do You Use It)? | Deck-Max

8 May 2021
Why Do You Need Deck Clamps (And How Do You Use It)? | Deck-Max

Deck clamps are great at holding, straightening, and aligning your decking materials together to your selected gap setting.

It also costs less than what helpers charge for half a day’s work.

DIY workers and homeowners hoping to build a deck on their own would benefit from owning several deck clamps. This material can be used in dozens of ways that save time and energy. It also allows homeowners to ensure that their projects look cleaner and more accurate.

Where can you use deck clamps?

Deck clamps are often used to secure two decking boards together. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to build a post, a beam, or vertical rises—such as stairs or seats.

Clamps make it easier for contractors and homeowners to align decking materials, newel posts, or pieces of the built-up beam. It can also users ensure than the joints between two pieces won’t open up while driving a fastener.

Do you have a helper with you? With deck clamps, you can free up your helper from holding things for you. This means he or she would have more time to focus on other tasks.

A word of caution about deck clamps: They should never serve as a substitute for structural connections. If you’re using a clamp to hold a support post to a beam, fasten the assembly before attempting to stand on it.

Where can I get a deck clamp?

Here at Deck-Max, we offer 450mm decking clamps that serve as the primary tool used to hold the board down to the joist.

The 450mm deck clamp has a reach that suits decks with a joist height of 400mm. It’s also a great all-rounder clamp that has multiple uses.

How do you use Deck-Max’s deck clamp?

Decking clamps allow contractors to quickly install decking materials without having to worry too much about their alignment. When building decks, carpenters typically grab a chisel to lever the board back. This method might crack or damage the edge of the board. Standing on the material or putting your foot on, it would also do the same.

With our deck clamps, you can hold the board into position without potentially damaging it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use our deck clamps.

  1. Bring the next boarding material and tap it lightly into position.
  2. Use the clamp to reach back and capture the board.
  3. Apply pressure on the board using the deck clamps
  4. Bring a short clamp and attach it under the board. This prevents the board from rising.
  5. Finish the boarding.
  6. Fasten Deck-Max’s hidden deck fasteners.
  7. Repeat the process until the deck is complete.

Do you want to watch the entire process of building your deck using our deck clamps? Click here to view the video.

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