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Composite Decking

There’s composite, And then There’s Deck-Max.

  • Real wood looks.

  • Low-maintenance.

  • Beautiful & sustainable materials.

  • 10 Year domestic warranty

  • Secret Fixings

Poolside composite decking Australia

Feels like Natural Timber

Why Choose Deck-Max Composite Decking?

Composite decking is quickly becoming the preferred choice for those looking to build or renovate a deck. Unlike traditional timber decking, Deck-Max composite decking is made from a mix of materials, making it more durable and weather-resistant. In addition, Deck-Max composite decking comes in a range of different colours and finishes, giving you the look of natural timber with all the added benefits.` Composite decking is also easy to maintain, requiring only occasional cleaning to keep it looking its best. Whether you're looking for a low-maintenance option for your outdoor entertaining area or a durable surface for your pool deck, composite decking is worth considering.

Low Maintenance

Our composite decking is made of durable materials that never need to be re-oiled. It's low maintenance so you can spend your time enjoying your deck, not working on it.

Low Cost

Deck-Max composite decking is a low-cost alternative to real hardwood. Save on maintenance, re-oiling and all of the other hassles by choosing composite instead.

Mold Guard® Technology

Patented Mold Guard technology prevents any mould from forming on your decking, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the dangers of mould.

Installation Integrity

Quality fastening options, including hidden fastening, allow for a strong hold and beautiful finished look.

Up to 80% Recycled Material

We consistently strive for eco-responsibility in all of our PRO decking products.

10 Year Warranty

Enjoy your stunning deck for years, knowing that it'll last.

Composite Decking Colour Choices

Composite decking offers the home owner the use of this material with the real feel of natural timber. This material will vary in tones just like natural timber. One board can be different to the next board but maintaining the base line tones.

Antique Leather


Antique Leather®

Dark Roast


Dark Roast®




Whitewash Cedar


Whitewash Cedar®




English Walnut®


English Walnut®

Weathered Teak®


Weathered Teak®

Coffee zhu decking






silver grey


Silver Grey

spotted gum


Spotted Gum




Quality composite decking Brisbane & Australia wide

Composite decking is an engineered material with the feel of real natural timber. It varies in tones just like natural timber, but has a number of key benefits that make it an even smarter choice.

It contains no tannins or resin that will “bleed” or drip out of the boards and stain nearby surfaces like natural timber. One board can be different from the next board but maintaining the baseline tones.

At Deck-Max, we use a range of high-quality materials that will benefit you. The combination of materials we use leads to a better product with more features than you could ever gain from timber alone.

While we love natural timber decking, we also love all the benefits of composite decking Brisbane homeowners and those throughout Australia are starting to take note of.

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10 Years limited warranty

Stunning Decks with Deck-Max Products

See some of the impressive results customers are achieving with our hidden fixing systems, timbers and composites. You'll find a mix of professionally-built and DIY decks below.

More Benefits

  • Composite decking that is slip resistent is ideal for areas around pools and spas or any place where water may be present. The material is also low maintenance and durable, making it a good choice for high traffic areas.

  • Deck-Max Composite decking is made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home. The material is 100% recyclable, so you can feel good about your purchase.

  • Decreased risk of fungus

  • A selection of colours in the latest trends including silver grey, teak and mahogany

  • Looks like real timber, but lasts longer

  • No risk of termites, insect infestation, splintering, cracking, warping or any other damage that might affect regular timber

  • Long lasting colour with minal fade <10%. Even in our harsh Australian sun.

Zhu Composite

Fully Protected on all sides – Double Capped – wraps over all sides included in the groove.

  • Secret Fixings – no nails or screws in the surface.

  • Solid core construction – Very strong.

  • Dual Texture (wood grain and contemporary) in the surface of the decking boards.

Solid Composite Benefits

  • Composite Decking contains recycled plastics and hardwood material (up to 90%) along with UV inhibitors for colour stability, colour additives and Biocides.

  • Zhu Composites are extruded with a solid colour tone - like a block of chocolate so you can clean more easily and even sand the surface as required. This solid construction is the strongest of all composite decking materials.

  • 10 Year domestic warranty

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