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Colour Choices

Composite Decking Colour Choices

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With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, Deck-Max™ continues to aim to please customers throughout Australia and around the globe. Composite decking planks of up to 5.6 metres long help to be sure that any project can be satisfied by the product.

Whether you are building a small deck in your backyard or a huge commercial project, we will be happy to oblige.

Silver grey composite decking

Silver Grey

The most popular contemporary look in homes today. Silver grey is the contemporary look for those who are after that colour tone that works with many colours. Can be used with Older Homes and the very modern.
Composite decking colour teak


The perfect tones for that unique feel and colour. Perfect for the undercover boutique zone of your private home.
Mahogany composite colour


Warm dark tones for that special feature area – truly stunning colour to make a statement.

Composite Decking Colour Choices

Composite decking offers the home owner the use of this material with the real feel of natural timber. This material will vary in tones just like natural timber. One board can be different to the next board but maintaining the base line tones.

Deck-Max Antique Leather


Antique Leather®

Deck-Max Dark Roast


Dark Roast®

Deck-Max Driftwood



Deck-Max Whitewash Cedar


Whitewash Cedar®

Deck-Max Mahogany



Deck-Max English Walnut®


English Walnut®

Deck-Max Weathered Teak®


Weathered Teak®

Deck-Max Coffee zhu decking



Deck-Max Maple



Deck-Max silver grey


Silver Grey

Deck-Max spotted gum


Spotted Gum

Deck-Max Teak



Quality composite decking Brisbane & Australia wide

Composite decking is an engineered material with the feel of real natural timber. It varies in tones just like natural timber, but has a number of key benefits that make it an even smarter choice.

It contains no tannins or resin that will “bleed” or drip out of the boards and stain nearby surfaces like natural timber. One board can be different from the next board but maintaining the baseline tones.

At Deck-Max, we use a range of high-quality materials that will benefit you. The combination of materials we use leads to a better product with more features than you could ever gain from timber alone.

While we love natural timber decking, we also love all the benefits of composite decking Brisbane homeowners and those throughout Australia are starting to take note of.

10 Years limited warranty
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Beautiful composite decking Brisbane

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25 years zhu composite decking boards Manufacturer's warranty

One of the key benefits to the entire Deck-Max™ line is the ease of installation of your decking. Composite decking from Deck-Max™ takes this one step further. Easier and faster to install, requiring less time for maintenance – you can spend less time and money on your deck and more time enjoying your deck.

NEVER REQUIRES Coating with decking oils or coatings

25-Year Manufacturers Guarantee

Its directly over concrete, boat ramps, jetties and around pools

Easy to clean with soapy water

Fast Installation

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Stunning Decks with Deck-Max Products

See some of the impressive results customers are achieving with our hidden fixing systems, timbers and composites. You'll find a mix of professionally-built and DIY decks below.

Deck-Max composite decking Brisbane and Australia wode

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Stunning Decks With Deck-Max Products

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