DM 4154 Combo Pack - 100mm x # 2 sq. Drive Bits


These have been engineered to match the square drive of the Deck-Max screws - makes it easier to visually see the connection.

Item code no: DM/108

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DM 4154 – Combo 100mm x # 2 sq. long shank Drive Bits
This combo pack includes 2 x 100mm No. 2 square drive bit

Perfect for installing all the Deck-Max fasteners – this drive bit will sit deeper into the screw head and provide improved torque drive.

Additional information

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 1 cm

This 100 mm long provides the trade level bit for ease of use and provides good vision being longer than the short stumpy bits normally used. You can see the connection to the screw and it is not hidden under the chuck of the drill. This offers less chance of buring the screw drive.

Provides the best custom fit for the Deck-Max screws at a fantastic price.

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