DM 4451 – TRADIE Pro # 5 - 304SS Kit 5 mm


Can only be purchased with Deck-Max Timber

Patent Protected Clip & Board System  - Deck-Max TM

  • Timber  Frame Pro kit for approx 5 sqm.
  • Coverage between 4 & 6 sq.m. (depends on width of board)
    – 100 / Biscuits - This Clip Kit can only be used with the Patented Deck-Max decking
    – 110 / Screws (to suit timber frame)
  • This Clip Kit can only be used with the Patented Deck-Max decking
  • Ask Deck-Max about Pre Grooved end matched Decking
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Patent Protected Clip & Board System  - Deck-Max TM

Deck-Max Pro biscuit system is specifically a one stop package that includes this superior biscuit, Decking to suit the groove of this biscuit.

Decking size can from 90mm wide to 135mm wide and 19mm thick. This biscuit can only be purchased with the Deck-Max Pro decking (pre grooved) but not end matched.

  • Ask Deck-Max about there Pre Grooved end match Decking

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Weight .92 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 5 cm

Patent Protected Clip & Board System  – Deck-Max TM

Always round up the square meter coverage to the next kit size so you do not run out especially when tendering on jobs.

When the boards are pulled tight, the gap setting is 3mm – however if the deck is close to ground or timber is going to expand then simply select the 5mm Clip – OR simply cut a piece of ply into small block of say 4mm or 6mm thickness, this will provide expansion and contraction for the decking. When assembling you can leave them in or take them out as you go – I often leave some in to keep the gap setting consistent.

Always use the Deck-Max clamps to maintain the set gap and allows to settle all joints correctly and tight.

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