Below testimonials showcase the quality and success of a Deck-Max’s products and services. These testimonials come directly from our happy customers. Our customers will walk you through step by step of using Deck Max and other products.

“Hi Peter, Ian and Wendy, Thank you so much for the beautiful board, it is so very thoughtful, generous and completely unique and very much appreciated.  I am a great fan of the Deck-max products and I had nothing but praise from the team when they were laying the boards and the client is delighted; we certainly will not be using any other type of decking. It is also great to know that you are only a phone call away if any advice or information is needed.  – Nick” 
(Nicholas J Hudson )
“The upstairs deck is finished and stained and looks great. Spigots are in for the frameless glass balustrade that was supposed to go in today, however, the manufacturer is late and it won’t be done now until Monday. I could say a few choice words about manufacturers and contractors I can tell you……..”  Please view case study to read more.
(Peter Phelan)

“Dear Peter,
Hi, mate! It’s Chris here from HQ Flooring and the Decking Committee. I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I have recently had the chance to work with the Deck-Max™ system and I must say that I am very impressed. Many of my questions have been answered and I was happy with the strength of the fixings in both the uplift and tie down. My team and I installed a 52m2 deck in two full days including joists and edge skirts, It’s a little slower than our usual practice but we were definitely getting faster by the end of it. My client was very happy with the result and was more than happy to pay the extra to get this look. I would like to work more with this product and as we are looking to expand our business into some areas of distribution there may be an opportunity to assist in sales of the product. Perhaps you and I could get together sometime and talk.” 
(Christ, Flooring Contractor)

“Thank you to all at Deck Max, from the first contact to the completion, the service, product and ease of the fastening system has been easy. Nothing has been too much trouble and your queries no matter how small have been answered. With all this I have a satisfied customer and heaps of leads for future work. I will be recommending Deck Max to all my customers and for my own projects.”
(Peter H.,Contractor)

“Hi Dianne
I would just like to thank you, Peter and Shantel for the fantastic service and support given to me for my first decking project, right down to the guys who delivered the shipment. Everyone has been great and the product is fantastic. I tackled a small area first to test the product and my skill level (I consider myself to be a useful handy man around the house, with various projects….
(Tony Liversage., D.I.Y)

“The majority of the front deck is finished apart from the edge board but I think the fine sanding on your decking board far surpasses others I have seen.
More than happy with the job and material to date and have no hesitation in making a recommendation on your product.” 
(John Larner., Contractor)
“Hi -I’m the guy you need for testimonials!I’ve been laying 40mm thick Cypress boards of varying widths from 100 – 250mm wide at my farm in Apollo Bay. It would be IMPOSSIBLE without your clamps. Every board has a mind of its own. Every board needs a squeeze here, a squeeze there, to wrestle it down. 40mm thick by 250 wide boards need real clamping power, and that’s what I’ve got with your product. I’m impressed.It’s slow work, but I’m getting there. See attached pics.
(Peter J.,D.I.Y)

“Thank you very much for this information, much appreciated. I will speak with my client and let you know. You are always very helpful.” 
(Stephen R., Contractor)
“I am very happy with your customer service, particularly from yourself & Peter. Also, Tony was very helpful, and willing to assist. The process is a slow process, but the results look pretty good. So even though I haven’t quite finished, I am very happy with the result.” 
(Rick H.,Contractor)

“Hi Di,
Aside from the great product. After talking with you, I was definitely making the purchase. Thanks for all the information, help and quick turnaround. Very nice talking with you. Very impressive.” 
(Brian S.,Contractor)
“My deck was a very awkward shape and design – being so close to the ground I used the Deck-Max Composite material with the Pro biscuit fixtures. The Composite was very easy to work with, cut, shape and installation was relatively easy. The end result is excellent and am very happy with the material chosen. The advice received from Peter and Di was invaluable as I have never built a deck before. The service from Deck-Max was spot on and thanks to Bev for organising the delivery. I recommend Deck Lights from Fusion Lighting in Melbourne which make the deck look superb at night.”
(Neil S.,Contractor)

“Hi Deck Max Team, I have two more rows of timber to complete on one of the sides and my project is complete. This is my first attempt at building a deck and I’m extremely happy with your product and service, “the biscuits are far superior to nails and screws through the boards”. It was a little more expensive and time consuming but the final results are amazing for a DIY project.Hi Di,
Aside from the great product. After talking with you, I was definitely making the purchase. Thanks for all the information, help and quick turnaround. Very nice talking with you. Very impressive.” 
(Paul T.,Contractor)

“Thanks very much for all your help. The reports in the various online forums about the quality of the deck-max product and the friendly service have certainly been confirmed by my own experience so far. Despite it working out a fair bit more than my initial thinking had been, i have decided the quality of the product and the comfort i get from the helpful service are worth it!”
(Troy B.,Contractor)

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