The Builders Story

DEck Max

The Story

When we speak to the contractors, installers and DIY’s we listen and take on board there thoughts.

The conclusion of listening to the contractors story over 30 years allows us to walk through this new process of decking and spread it over a few easy steps. Eliminating perceptions….

Deck-Max in unique in that we ship by job lot door to door for every job any where in Australia Metro and Regional.

Deck-Max supply: Hardwood, Composite and Bamboo decking the only company in Australia that do all 3 types of decking materials.

Contractors experience…………..UNDERSTAND FIRST then install…

The Builders Experience

1 Introduction and discovery

Builders are not sure about the system but really like the look.

This is critical so the person submitting his or her price to supply and install the job is confident about profit especially labour costs. (waste and accessories).

This is where Deck-Max offer same day quoting based on very simply Discovery information…

  • Hardwood and bamboo is the fastest as it is all end matched and you do not have to measure and cut every board to join on a joist. Simply lay and fix – Like internal flooring.
  • It is 30% faster than nails or screws
  • You actually save by using 50% less screws
  • DO NOT have to pre drill the decking
  • In Reality it depends on the team and the skill sets of how well they work together
  • Did they watch the Videos – this is really important and is why we took the time to prepare many videos on how to install.
  • Also depends on the shape and detail in the job like the image above.
  • Our contractors (2 x Men) lay between 30 and 40 sq.m. a day.
  • See the lifetime Warranty on the Clips
  • The only Merbau on the Australian Market with a 5 year satisfaction Guarantee
  • Warranties on different products (Bamboo & Composite) vary from 10 to 25 years
  • This is the next big change for all chippies Contractors and even DIY undertaking a decking project.
  • Traditionally you would face fix / surface fix with nails or screws – THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE.
  • Deck-Max with their pre grooved decking actually do all the hard work on the decking – we insert a groove and in some cases we end match
  • Therefore, you do not have to Drill all the holes into the decking
  • SIMPLY – watch this video.

2 Understanding

UNDERSTANDING is critical, like all tasks in the building game – once you are comfortable with how to then it is easy

Lesson for builders and developers – DO NOT – land this system on the job and not explain the system to the installers. Avoid the dummy spit…

They now understand and get up to speed very quickly – this will set up clearly the possible number of square meters installed in one day and what the cost was.

In fairness like your first deck with nails and screws it took several jobs before you came up to speed.

Also, who you are working with and effects your productivity.

Speed is not the game it is the quality finish using this Quality System.

3 Apples for Apples

Now there is some understanding, the real savings and what actual time it takes so the tender is accurate and fair. Not GUESSING.

Remember when understanding what is included in the Deck-Max One Stop Package, only then can you compare the Apples for Apples comparison.

Yes it is more expensive – and this is where in the discovery process you will understand quality and inclusions that no one else provides.

4 Builders New Understanding

After you have completed a job the overview is
  • Fantastic Quality makes it nice to work with
  • It was a bit slower but can see how speed is easy to pick up
  • The finish was amazing
  • The client was very happy
  • decide that they will only use Deck-Max and most definitely purchase the pre grooved decking.
  • Amazed that they had resisted this system before as there perception was way off target.
  • Can make small adjustments in how I price based on this first job
  • There are cheap systems out there in the market, but nothing comes close to what Deck-Max offer and include.
  • It is about deliverables – and this makes my life easier when dealing with a great supplier.

The Deck-Max™ system will end up being faster for the trade person with less waste by using the Deck-Max™ system you uses 50% less fixings compared to nails or screws.

Like all changes – from the old way to the new way – It takes a little bit to adjust to a new system and to have all the right tools and to be well organized with good systems.