You don't need a big outdoor space to have an aesthetically pleasing deck and efficient entertaining area. Using decking is a great way to expand space and make it more efficient. Maybe you have a small garden and are not quite sure if it’s worth exploring a decking area? At Deck Max we recommend you don't write it off so soon. We are able to create some really cool designs in smaller lots and back gardens. There’s a few tips and tricks we have to make a small deck seem like the biggest deck going!


First of all, you need to evaluate your needs, what exactly do you want and what will this space it be used for? With such small space, it’s important to make sure you are clear on what exactly your deck is going to be used for. Maybe you want it as a small extension to your kitchen, to act as a small dining area, or perhaps you would simply like it as a nap zone, and small area for reading or relaxing. Either way, you need to consider what you will be using this extra outdoor space for. This will ensure you have the correct design and make the most out of the space you have available.


You’ve established what your deck is going to be used for, now to establish the size and scale. The key thing with optimising small decking areas is thinking about its size, relative to your property! Keeping your deck in proportion to everything else around it is important. Trying to squeeze a large deck into a small space will simply be overwhelming, and not very attractive. A deck should be proportionate to the landscape, and the building! Sounds silly - but is a crucial consideration when wanting a small deck to look good and still be efficient.


Next step. This ties nicely to the previously discussed point. Imagination! Being more imaginative with smaller spaces always pays off. Rather than thinking straight square deck space, start to think of curves, or levels. Any way to optimise the space you have. Curves are great - they can shape the available space so you get more out of your deck! Same with levels - gives great depth to your deck and uses space wisely. Think bunkbeds in a small room rather than trying to squeeze in a double bed!


Now, you’ve got your deck design almost sorted. Its in scale with its surroundings, its imaginative and uses the space you have wisely. Start to think of storage. There’s nothing worse than clutter in a small space. Clutter can take a perfectly designed and effective deck, and turn it into a disaster zone.

This is even more relevant when it comes to small decking areas. Small spaces are easily overwhelmed by objects. The simplest way to combat this is to get imaginative with your storage. Think built in seating, seating with lids that lift up to act as storage, hanging lights rather than free standing, minimal cushions, or storage under your deck if it is raised or multi-level. Being clever with the space will really make the difference to your deck.


This leads nicely into plants. You don't want to clutter your deck. But you do want pot plants and other shrubs. The key with any good deck is flow. Your deck should flow from garden to home! Using pot plants and other shrubbery will allow your deck to blend nicely into your outdoor space.

This is even more important for small decks. A small deck can look awkward and out of place if it is not blended or does not flow into its surrounding area. Pretty it up with plants to finish off your perfect deck! But remember - no clutter! Keep it clean and simple. Just remember always put feet and a saucer under your pots, do not allow water to run off and stain or damage your deck. Best practice – build or buy trollies to place under the pots so you can move them away to water then re-position them, this will avoid scratching the surface!

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