Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bamboo Decking

2 February 2021
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bamboo Decking

Over the years, the idea of being eco-friendly and sustainable has grown in popularity. More and more people are considering making the switch from hardwood, plastic, or vinyl decking to more sustainable and low-fuss options like bamboo decking.

Bamboo is an all-natural and regenerative material that grows faster than most tree species (5 to 7 years growth cycle). The material’s fast growth rate makes it cheaper than other materials even though it’s more durable and tensile.

In this article, we covered all the reasons why bamboo decking is the best option for indoor and outdoor decks.

More and more people are switching to more eco-friendly, sustainable and green options in recent years, including food, clothes, and composite decks.

In more traditional times, most people would consider plastic, vinyl, and aluminium materials when building their decks. Over time, decks made of these materials see wear and tear that cannot be refurbished, leading many to turn to an often-overlooked alternative: bamboo.

Bamboo is an all-natural and incredibly regenerative material that grows three times faster than most tree species. While bamboo shares many attributes with hardwood, it is a more conventional material that is durable enough to last for a considerable amount of time.

Why should you pick bamboo decking?

It’s eco-friendly and more sustainable than hardwood.
Bamboo decking is processed from what is considered the world’s tallest grass, bamboo. This natural resource only takes four to six years to mature, making it highly renewable. In contrast, hardwood woodland regrowth takes anywhere between 30 to 50 years.

It’s fuss-free.
Bamboo decking is extremely easy to maintain. You can let it go natural as a low maintenance option OR Importantly you can refurbish this material.

Bamboo decking is also highly resistant to moisture, stains, and water damage. Therefore, you can clean your deck using a damp mop without any worries.

You can easily let your bamboo decking grey off. But, if you wish to refurbish, Deck-Max secret fixings make it super simple to re-oil and restore to brand new at any time!

It’s incredibly durable.
Researchers in Costa Rica have conducted several seismic tests on bamboo. The team of researchers found that among 30 houses, not one suffered structural damages even when located in the epicentre of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. That means bamboo is more resistant to earthquakes than concrete and steel.

Bamboo has great tensile strength and is far more robust than the Sal Tree (Shorea Robusta) and the Teak (Tectona grandis). Bamboo is actually TWICE as hard as Merbau on the Janka Ratings. So, if you live in an area prone to earthquakes or any kind of extreme weather, bamboo would be the best choice.

It does not require pesticides.
Harvesters of bamboo require NO fertiliser or pesticide in the cycle of bamboo growth when farming this resource. This is because bamboos grow naturally and the leaf fall down creates its own mulch as a natural fertiliser and retains moisture therefore does not need irrigation to accelerate their growth. The removal of pesticides and other accelerants ensures that bamboos do not cause harm to nature and the human body. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to choose bamboo, it is white ant resistant, which is perfect for the Australian environment.

It’s a competitively priced alternative.
Products used for bamboo decking are some of the most affordable materials on the market. Bamboo is comparable price wise to the popular hardwood choice. But it can be argued that bamboo offers a wider range of benefits for Deck lovers, particularly in Australia. As well as competitive pricing this decking is readily available from specialists such as Deck-Max, who provide secret fixings and screws to suit your frame of Steel or Timber.

Bamboo decking products are exceptionally durable. This means it’s far less prone to cracking or splintering than other wood alternatives. With proper care and maintenance, bamboo decking can easily last up to 30 years.

What are the different types of bamboo decking products?

There are three types of bamboo decking products you need to consider when buying materials, including:

Solid bamboo
Solid bamboo is the most preferred material for outdoor decks. These boards are made from solid lengths of bamboo that are heat treated, glued and laminated together under high pressure. This material is more stable and less likely to break apart. This product is warranted against this structural failure for 25 years.

This new technology in processing Bamboo (Mosso – Giant Bamboo) has now delivered the most amazing durable product to withstand the rigors of outdoors and around pools.

Especially important is that there are no tannins that can leach out of this decking that will stains walls and floors and especially pool deck copping, unlike hardwoods.

Strand woven
Strand woven bamboos are commonly seen in the indoor flooring market. The material is made of smaller chips of bamboo. This material is not recommended for a deck application as it is not designed to withstand extreme cold, heat, or moisture.

Composite bamboo
Bamboo and Composite decking – Often referred to as Bamboo Composite.

The use of bamboo powder is used extensively as a filler and a part of the materials with a plastic and minerals that then are sold as a Wood Plastic Decking – in this case the wood part is bamboo and sometimes rice husk.

If you are interested in learning more about bamboo decking, contact us today and get a quick quote to get you started.

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