My Deck and I - Your deck is a reflection of you

16 December 2019
My Deck and I - Your deck is a reflection of you

It’s fair to say most people put their stamp on the property they are living in. Your home and garden will often be reflective of your personality. The same goes for your deck! But what should you consider when making the match?


First of all, consider the space you have. How big is your decking area, and how much space do you have to play around with. Smaller decks will have different designs to bigger ones, and they are both decorated and hold objects in a different manner. Acknowledge how much space you have.

Using The Space

Then, consider what you’d like to do with the space that is available to you. What exactly is it that you want to get from the space? Being clear on this will keep the decor clean and simple. Clean and simple is always good – it keeps it neat and nice to look at. Clutter is the death of many decks! So, consider how many people will be using your deck, and what you will be using it for. An extension to your home to act as a family space, or dining area? A place to gather and have drink and a BBQ with your friends? A peaceful Zen Garden? Or a chill out nap zone to kick your feet up at the weekends? All of these things will point you to different decor.

Check out this article on Create flexible living spaces by building a deck for help designing your space.

Target Your Style

Do you want harsh clean-cut edges or a smoother and softer round edge? You can do traditional, minimalist, industrial, country, Japanese, custom – any design you can think of. Ask your deck builder what’s possible for your garden space and go from there. Start to think of materials, railings, stairs. All the little bits and bobs that are often overlooked. Break it down and choose your style. Try and keep the style in the same flow as your garden and house. Flow is essential to helping a deck fit nicely into your property.

Finishing Touches

So, you’ve decided on the design of your actual deck. Now it's time to decide on the smaller details. Consider lighting, furniture, grill and cooking equipment, storage and plants. All the small things that finish off your deck. This is the most fun part, so go to town on ideas. But just remember, clutter can kill your deck. If you have a larger deck you have more space to play around with. Smaller decking spaces require you to think outside the box. For tips on Deck Design – Furniture, lighting and screening, click here. 

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