2022 Decking Trends

29 November 2019
2022 Decking Trends

2020 is fast approaching and a new year means new trends! Wondering what the emerging decking trends will be in 2020?

Decking Trends - Multi-use decks

First and foremost, your outdoor living space should be functional. After all, you’ve taken a lot of effort to build your deck and it should be used a lot more often than every few months when the in-laws come to town.

An outdoor deck can and should have many uses. Think cooking, dining and relaxing.

Extend your kitchen with a fully-functioning outdoor cooking area. This is a great way to entertain guests without having to make numerous trips back in and out of the house. Combine this with an outdoor bar setup (think bar-height tables and islands) and you’ll be able to enjoy your guests while preparing meals and serving drinks all at the same time.

Your outdoor living space should be an extension of your home’s existing living area. Consider an outdoor dining table or a lounge area complete with a daybed and TV on the wall. If you have kids, create an outdoor play area that will encourage them to spend time outside.

Find out more about creating flexible living spaces here.

Extend your home


As an extension of your home, your deck should be designed to fashionably blend in with the rest of the house, rather than an obvious add-on to the property. It’s all about creating an integrated look, from the front garage to the back shed, and everything in between.

The key to achieving this smooth transition between indoor and outdoor is to match the colour of your deck to your indoor flooring. If your indoor flooring is a bamboo colour, it would be silly to build a composite deck in mahogany.

You can also match the look and feel of your home’s interior by the use of stylish furniture. Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor by designing your deck with colourful décor and textiles that compliment your indoor furnishings.

Speaking of furniture… modular and dual-purpose furniture will be trending in 2022, as homeowners look to maximise their outdoor living space.

Natural colours, materials and finishes


2022 will continue the trend of using natural, earthy and wood-like tones when designing a deck. Why? Because neutral tones are timeless and bring a sense of nature to our outdoor living spaces.

By choosing a natural look, you can avoid having to redesign your entire outdoor space every few years when trends change. Instead, you can make smaller (and cheaper) changes like switching cushions, wall hangings and other accessories.

Sustainable decking

As 2020 emerges, people will be looking for sustainable decking options, which is where bamboo will come in. Bamboo is one of the best and fastest renewing natural resources in the world.

Bamboo is known for its fast-regenerative growth, growing 3 times faster than most tree species. This means it can be harvested every 4-7 years, depending on maturity levels. A huge contrast to hard/softwoods, which can only be harvested after 50 years or more. This is just one of the reasons why Bamboo is an eco-friendly decking material. Find out more here. 



If you’re planning on using your deck at night, you will need to think about lighting.

Use lighting to set the ambience and mood for your deck. Think strip lights along the edges of your deck or spotlights to highlight favourite features of your outdoor space.

To create an enjoyable experience for you and your guests, ensure you choose lighting elements that provide style, direction and function to your outdoor living space.

So there you have it, the 2022 decking trends, from the decking experts.

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