DM 2010 Bostik Ultraset 300ml - Acoustic Membrane



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DM 2010 – Bostik Ultraset 300ml

Bostik ULTRASET SF is a Polyurethane adhesive – This cures like a rubber and takes out the rattle and squeak from the deck. This item will provide an acoustic membrane between the joists and the decking boards. It is recommended that this construction adhesive is laid on the joist prior to fixing the board – exterior grade polyurethane adhesive Bostik Ultraset SF.

Ultra set is a premium quality flexible single component moisture curing elastomeric polyurethane timber flooring adhesive. Formulated to adhere to most types of wood, parquet, strip and sheet timber flooring systems to concrete, timber and metal.

  • The polyurethane that is included in the Kits that also include the clips, screws and accessories - The glue is very easy to use. Simply lay up one board at a time and do not lay up any further ahead.
  • Note: you only lay one board at a time with Deck-Max so it is easy to lay up a 5 – 10 mm bead up the centre of the joist then lay board down – fix next biscuit then start again.
  • The best measure to see if you are applying the right amount is to fix the board down under full pressure then look under the board. You should see a small bead of glue that has spread out the side of the board. If you cannot see any, apply more.
300 ml Cartridge Ultra Set Glue – Technical Specifications/description:
  • Colour – Brown / Yellow
  • Appearance – Smooth Paste
  • Tack Free Time – Approx 4 hours @25 degrees C & 50% RH
  • Specific Gravity – 1.31 Approx.
  • Cure System – Moisture
  • Flammability – Non-flammable
  • Cure Rate – 1.5 – 2.5 mm / Day
  • Hardness shore A – Approx 52
  • Tensile Modules at Break – 2.3 n/mm2
  • Staining – No Staining
  • Full Cure – Approx 24 hours depending on temp and relative humidity
Performance Properties
  • Typical properties after 7 days cure at 25 degrees C and 50% RH.
  • Will not re-emulsify when in contact with moisture.
  • Tested to ASTM C794 for peel adhesion to various species of Australia hardwoods.
  • Non-Flammable

Additional information

Weight .425 kg
Dimensions 23 × 5 × 5 cm

Bostik ULTRASET SF is a Polyurethane adhesive – This item will provide an acoustic membrane between the joists and the decking boards

This will eliminate squeaky or rattly boards.

Provides a secondary fixing

Be sure top of joists are dry.

When fixing to metal joists be sure to clean the top of the joists with Bostik
Solvent to ensure the metal is clean and provides correct bonding of adhesive.

Coverage – allow approx. one 300ml cartridge per 3 to 5 sq.m. of decking.

Application – lay up a 10mm to 15mm bead [minimum 90% coverage] for a visual reference when the board is fixed you should have a small bead coming out both [under] sides of the joist. Look under the board for visual reference.

Note: this is not suitable when using the composite Baton direct to concrete.

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