4 x stronger than traditional decking nails & screws…

End Matching : Secret Fixings

Protecting Your Investment (proven by independent testing) the Secret fixing method – this does not require pre drilling of the decking itself, as you are not fixing through the decking material referred to as Surface Fixing.

  • Screws for Wooden Joist:
    • Deck-MaxTM screws are simply the strongest fixing available engineered for the rigors of the outdoor world.
  • Screws for Metal Joist:
    • Class 3 screws are normally made from a 1022 steel – Hi carbon and heat treated for hardness and torsional strength. These will self drill up to 3 mm wall thickness. (subject to hardness and metal section chosen).

End Matching

This is a new development designed and patented by Peter Lloyd (the owner of Deck-MaxTM) on a world-wide basis.

What is End Match Decking? It is the biggest invention in the Decking industry……

  • Deck-MaxTM end match decking is a WORLD first allowing you to join anywhere on the subframe instead of only on the JOIST. Simply lay the board and where ever the join is just use the end match biscuit to join on the butt joint and keep laying.
  • Its Faster To Install as we use Pre-Grooved Decking which is End Matched with 50% less fixings than screws or nails.
  • Less Waste as our contractors get as little as 2% Waste instead of the standard 10% to 15%
  • We use 110mm and 140 mm wide boards so you get a unique look
  • 100% Australian owned and operated company
  • The Deck-MaxTM “Pro” Biscuit system with end matching is perfect for any size job which complements any internal to external flooring look you want to achieve.
  • We have sold over 5 Million Deck-MaxTM biscuits with NO RETURNS!!! You know when you use Deck-MaxTM biscuits it’s a safe, secure and tested to over 700KG we also have a strong 7 year warranty on the fixing system.

Benefits of the Deck-Max Secret Fixing

  1. This application halves the amount of fixings and uses a combination of a screw and a biscuit to fit into a groove on the side of the board with outstanding strength results. 
  2. When using screw fixing in conjunction with the correct adhesive it will provide restraint on the surface area in contact with the top of the joist up to 5 to 8 times stronger this is often offered as part of the proprietary secret fix systems.
  3. The screw fixing component will offer you fixings to suit, for Pine and Hardwood, 304 Stainless steel screw for best results fixing into pine and hardwood Plus a self drilling metal screw for metal joists.
  4. Secret fixing does solve a lot of problems encountered by Surface fixing with nails and screws – like deck splitting, nails popping, decking twisting and cupping.
  5. Nail heads will prevent the floor sanding to refurbish the deck and would need to done by hand so as not to catch the sander on the nail heads.
  6. Be sure the fixing system is provided with the manufacturers guarantee.
  7. This fixing provides the great benefit of refurbishing the deck with any size sander with out the obstruction of nail or screw heads or having to clean the surface by hand.

Trade Tips

All Joist material will offer up different requirements for the pilot hole requirement by way of:

  • Green hardwood – pre drill
  • Old Hardwood – pre drill
  • Pine – fix directly into pine joist with NO pilot hole unless you encounter a knot where the screw is to be located then a pilot hole will keep the fixing exactly in the correct position and will not split the knot and weaken the sub frame.
  • Metal Joist – this will also have some pre drilling requirements depending on the hardness of the metal and the wall thickness.


In corrosive environments (i.e. close to the coast, swimming pools, etc), higher levels of protection are required. Like the different Stainless Steel is the correct specification. This is a milder metal and may require pre drilling into the joist / sub frame.

ACQ or copper azole treated timber, which remains moist (i.e. over 20% for extended periods), shall be either stainless steel or with a fused or baked epoxy coating (not standard or hot dipped galvanised).