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WHY USE Why Hidden Fasteners for Timber Decking?

Hidden fasteners provide a reliable option to overcome the pitfalls associated with traditional fastening through the boards.

The problem is, that when you fasten your deck using nails or screws, a number of issues are created. It takes time to pre-drill boards and with having to join each board over a joist, wastage of over 10% is quite common. Added to this is the risk or split boards, or later having boards or nails popping… there has to be a better way.

This is why Deck-Max created a hidden fastening system that enables you to install and enjoy better timber decking.

By using pre-grooved, high quality hardwoods, this hidden fastening system attaches in the side of each board, securely fixing it in place. With a massive 700kg load rating, this creates a fastening that is stronger than screws or nails by up to 500%.

As the Pro biscuit is available in a 3mm or 5mm sizing, spacing your boards is simple and easy, with the fastening system assisting with the positioning of your boards as you install them.

End Match – Hidden fastening that reduces waste

A common issue with traditional decking, is the waste created by having to start and finish each length on a joist of the sub frame. You now have a better option, in the form of End Match. Another Deck-Max innovation that allows you to join boards at any point on the sub-frame.

This provides you with several advantages, enabling each length of timber to be used completely more often, slashing waste by 80% down to about 2%. Additionally, you also save about 30% on installation time by eliminating much of the cutting traditionally needed to get boards to the right length.

ARE hidden fasteners reliable?

Given how many decks are still being installed with nails and screws, you may wonder if Deck-Max hidden fasteners are a reliable solution.

The great news is that with over 8 million Deck-Max biscuits already in use, without a single return, you can have complete confidence that you are using a proven and reliable solution. For absolute peace of mind, all Deck-Max hidden fasteners are also covered by a full lifetime warranty.

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