Selecting Hardwood Timber Decking Material

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Merbau Decking

Reddish brown with golden spots

Stable in movement

Suitable for all locations

Ironbark Decking

Available in red or black/grey

Extremely hard timber

Iconic Australian timber

Forrest Light Decking

Golden to light brown

Light, fine grain finish

Exclusive supply for Deck-Max

Spotted Gum Decking

Reddish brown with attractive markings

High strength and density

Fire and termite resistant

Forest Red Decking

Reds, dark pink to Reddish Brown

Finest Grade

Strictly Regulated & Harvested

How to identify the best decking timber

Ensuring you get the best value for your timber deck starts with being able to source the best timber. With so many options out there, this isn’t always easy to determine.


This is why Deck-Max have spent years developing a reliable supply of sustainably sourced timber options, perfectly suited to local Melbourne conditions. In addition, these timbers are pre-grooved for faster installation with hidden fixings  and End Matching, to ensure you maximise the value and long lasting beauty of your deck.

Quality timber for your deck

To ensure you have the best timber decking to choose from for your deck, Deck-Max provides:

Sustainably sourced and regulated timber

All timber at Deck-Max has full source tracking and certification, giving you the assurance that your timber has been sourced ethically and in co-operation with leading forestry and government agencies.

Kiln dried to reduce twisting

By using a careful combination of kiln and air drying to get the core moisture of your timber ideal for local conditions, you can prevent many of the warping and shrinkage/expansion issues experienced with lower quality timbers.

Complete decking solutions

To ensure you get the best deck possible, our specialists are ready to assist with all aspects of your decking requirements. Simply complete the form below and we will contact you to provide the right solution to get the very best decking for your requirements.

Deciding between timber and composite?

Deck-Max has a range of quality timber and composite decking

Our team can assist in helping you select the best option for your requirements and budget

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Why choose Deck-Max for timber decking?

When looking at different timber options, it is quite likely, you'll notice some distinctly different prices. As there are a number of ways that timber is grown, sourced and prepared, it is good to be aware of the reasons for some of these differences.

As the demand for timber decking and screening products has continued over the years, there are number of suppliers who accommodate this demand by supplying juvenile timbers. Being sourced from less seasoned, younger trees, the resulting timber is significantly less stable. This often leads to issues with twisting, expansion and contraction in the boards.

Deck-Max is committed to only supplying the best quality and will not supply supply Juvenile timbers. This ensures, you will have a noticeable advantage in the longevity and appearance of your deck, which overall creates savings, in addition to greatly improved experience in being able to enjoy your outdoor decking space.


Choosing the best timber for your deck

Before starting your project, it’s important to be aware of the building standards and construction codes for your area. These will provide your guidelines for construction considerations, moisture content, tolerance and timber grades for your decking.

It is advisable to request that your supplier provides you with a certificate of moisture content and proof of kiln drying, to ensure you are receiving the best timber decking for your project.

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